Venice is always fascinating, no matter how many times you see it! Every year, tourists from every continent visit its alleys, enchanted by its atmospheres and charming spirit. Small markets, the brightly painted houses of Burano and the charming gondoliere invite visitors to fall in love with its unique atmosphere.


The „Harbour of Roses“ Portoroz is part of the municipality of Piran. The small alleys as well as the city center as a whole represent the beauty in the style of the late 19th century.  Tourists from all over the world fall in love with the distinctive characteristics and the hidden sectrets the city offers to explore. Futhermore the Venetian architecture impresses throughout the old town, and the promenade as well as the beautiful harbour.


Portoroz – Venedig

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Picturesque old town Piran - Slovenia.
Picturesque old town Piran - Slovenia.
Venice, Italy - Gondolier and historic tenements
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