flighttime ATO is an Approved Training Organization (ATO) approved by the Austrian aviation authority Austrocontrol according to the current EASA regulations.

We offer all flight training and examinations from private pilot to airline pilot including various class and type ratings. No matter if you finally want to fulfill your dream of flying or if you want to pursue a career in aviation, we will be happy to advise you and help you achieve your goals.

We also have extensive experience in the purchase and import of aircraft, as well as in the establishment and ongoing operation of training organizations/ATOs and commercial airlines/AOCs.

We use only the most modern aircraft for training. All aircraft used are maintained to the highest commercial operating standards and are equipped with the latest equipment and safety features.

We employ only commercial or airline pilots as flight instructors. All of our flight instructors have extensive flight experience in both pilot training and commercial flight operations. Our instructors receive ongoing training and are required to take regular continuing education courses. They therefore hold numerous additional qualifications ranging from additional class ratings to at least 2 type ratings and various licenses from other countries. Our instructors are without exception flight examiners appointed by Austorocontrol.