A trial flight is an unforgettable experience! 

Take a seat in the pilot's left seat and enjoy the breathtaking feeling of piloting an airplane yourself.


You will meet our flight instructor directly at the airport in Wiener Neustadt. After a detailed briefing, during which you can also determine the flight route individually, you board and steer the aircraft. With the support of our flight instructor, you then taxi along the taxiway to the runway. After take-off you have the opportunity to enjoy the great view of Schneeberg and Rax. You can also do your first flight exercises and you will find out that flying is a lot of fun. You sure won't be bored for a minute. After 50 to 60 minutes there will be another briefing to prepare you for the landing. After that, you will have the opportunity to perform approach and landing together with our flight instructor, thus completing an unforgettable flying experience with a smooth landing. After completing the debriefing, you can then also decide whether you want to continue your training.


A trial flight is possible after 16 years of age 

You don't have to meet any physical requirements


Your safety is our most important concern!

All our flight instructors are active professional pilots and flight examiners with extensive flight experience, appointed by the Austrian aviation authority Austrocontrol. Our aircraft are maintained according to the highest commercial standards and are among the best-equipped aircraft in Austria.


Purchase a voucher for our trial flights.

Choose a minute package and fly with our 2-seater Katana DV20.

Katana DV20

Minute package

Katana 75

45 minutes

Katana 90

60 minutes

Katana 120

90 minutes
Note: The price of the vouchers is valid for 12 months for one flight. After that, the flight time or price will be adjusted.
Minute package

or payment by bank transfer directly to the flight school