1. Download logbook application HERE
  2. Run logbookSetup.msi and follow the setup wizard instructions
  3. From the Windows Start Menu run „Pilot logbook“ application.

You need to be online during first startup as the application requests the cost-free license from our server over the internet! 

ON each startup the application checks for software or feature updates and validates the cost-free license. You may use the application without any internet connection for several days. However, to ensure the most recent version we ask you to check for updates regularly. 

We respect your privacy – no information or logbook data will be sent over the internet!

    Application Start

    1. Start the Program from your START-Menu
    2. Enter the INITIAL logbook record
    3. Update your flight records after each flight! You can easily copy or edit block times, change SE, ME, IFR, NVFR,…

    For technical support and bug reporting contact us at support @

    To change your logbook installation from one PC to another PC:

    1. Install the logbook application on new PC as described above
    2. Copy the file ‚logBook.mdb‘ with your personal records from the old to the new PC
    3. The default location of this file is „C:\Program Files\PrivateLogbook\“