Our free EASA logbook is the only free and fully JAA and EASA compliant electronic logbook. We started development of this application to fully replace our paper-based logbooks which were hard to maintain, inconvenient for commercial use (calculating flight times, documenting flight duty, managing expiration dates of multiple ratings and licenses etc.).

Main features of our logbook include

  • Fast, easy and intuitive user interface. If you can use your paper-based logbook you can use our electronic logbook!
  • Meets all JAA and Austrocontrol requirements
  • Fully compliant to JAR-FCL1.080/ZLPV §118 (logging of flight times)
  • New: We are closely monitoring the EU-FCL requirementsin cooperation with our Authority and are already working towards preparing our logbook for all new requirements
  • New: We added to option to add customized content (e.g. customized columns for tracking specific flight conditions) to your flight records
  • All times and sums will be calculated automatically – you will never have to manually sum up your flight times!
  • Extensive filter and reporting features – you can create your custom filters and select based on any criteria you want
  • Produces fully customizable high quality printouts for your archives and for presentation to authorities for renewing your liceneses
  • License Management: Tracks all your rating and license expiration dates and alerts you in-time about your upcoming renewals.

Sample screenshot of the main entry window:

Sample screenshot of generated printout:

For any questions or feature requests please contact us at support@jaa-logbook.eu