The night visual flight permission is additional training that is required to fly at night under visual flight conditions. Without this additional permission, flying is not allowed in the night. This permission is also a prerequisite for the beginning of the IFR-training.

The training includes a short theory training and focus on flight training.

Theory training

The theory training is an overview of the applicable legal provisions, the necessary equipment of the aircraft, physiological characteristics and hazards of flying in the night, as well as current guidelines for the planning of flights in the night.

flight training

The flight training can be started at the same time as the theory training. The training includes at least 5 flight hours, one cross-country flight to another airfield and 5 solo flights in the field area must be included.

No further practical examination is required at the end of training. The completion of training is confirmed by the flight school.


Valid PPL or LAPL

duration of training

The duration of the training is highly dependent on your personal time budget and usually lasts 1 or 2 days. If you wish, we can always provide you with the shortest possible training time.

Night landing in Dubai (OMDB)
Night landing in Dubrovnik (LDDU)