Realize your dream of flying and become a pilot. If you already have a valid license, we offer a large number of additional training courses that will allow you to fly other/larger aircraft, aircraft with multiple engines, turbine-powered aircraft (turbo-prop or jet), under instrument flight rules, or at night. We also offer training to become a commercial and airline pilot, in case you want to turn your hobby into a profession. In this context we also offer advanced class or type ratings. On the following pages you will find more details about the corresponding trainings.


Private Pilot License

Ausbildung zum Privatpilot

Night Vision Flight Rating

Zusatzausbildung für Nacht-Sichtflug


Multi Engine Piston Rating

Ausbildung für mehrmotorige Flugzeuge mit Kolbenmotoren

Instrument Flight Rating inkl. Competency Based Instrument Rating

Ausbildung für den Flug nach Instrumenten 

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence

Ausbildung für die Leichtluftfahrzeug-Pilotenlizenz


Commercial Pilot License

Ausbildung zum Berufspiloten

Airline Transport Pilot License

Theoretische Linienpilotenausbildung


Crew Resource Management Training

Verbesserung der Teamperformance

Flight Instructor, Class Rating Instructor, Type Rating Instructor

Ausbildung zum Fluglehrer

Flight Instructor / Type Rating Instructor

Auffrischungsseminar für FI und TRI

The following figure will give you an overview of the different licences and their recommended order. We will be happy to advise you personally.

ATPL training course overview