18.03.2019 – New Version

  • If you encounter connection errors, please update to the latest version.
  • In case of problems, please reinstall the application (do NOT delete database).

19.12.2015 – Next version and support

  • We are currently preparing the next logbook version which will be updated to support all current operating systems (including Windows10).
  • Due to limited funds we ask you for your support and donations to ensure that we can also include additional features in the next major release. Thank you!

15.06.2013 – MacOS/iOS

  • This application does currently *not* support usage from iOS/MacOS other than using windows-virtualisation (e.g. Parallels, VMWare, Crossover). We are currently evaluating an iOS version

20.02.2011 – Version 2.39

  • Problem with network drives after installation fixed
  • Improved printing of user defined/extra columns: You can now ‚select any columns’, user specific columns and all standard colums!
  • Problem in long haul operations fixed: Column #6 (multi pilot time) has been widened to correctly show flighttimes of >10hrs.
  • Problem with copy of „flying“-column (#7) fixed
  • Night time calculation has been improved – final fix will be included in next version (night time calculation is still based on local times and not UTC times)
  • Improvement: It is now possible to select how many rows an a pages shall be printed (e.g. 17 or 19 instead of the default 20 rows). This allows to fully synchronize printout layout with different paper logbooks.
  • Improvement: It is possible to fully customize the color of the printouts (e.g. change the color of the columns, change the color of odd and even columns, entries, …).

03.02.2011 – Version 2.38

  • New feature: Calculate additional values totals in report (Menu: Print Logbook)
  • New feature: Support order of printing for addtional columns (Menu: Initial data)
  • Improvement: To save space and better usability hide ‚Synthetic training‘ panel when flight mode is selected (Add/edit flight)

31.01.2011 – Version 2.37

  • New feature: Additional custom values support added (Add/Edit/Initial flights)
  • New feature: Listing and printing of custom columns (List/Print flights )
  • New feature: Support and community links added (Help)
  • Improvement: Change print logbook of authority. If ‚pilot in command‘ then print Name PIC = „SELF“ instead of real content (Printing)
  • Improvement: Database save format changed to „yyMMdd“ – better to sort files in dicrectory
  • Minor bug fixed: Incorrect resorting. Time of flight considered while resorting.

03.01.2011 – New Webdesign

  • As we are already working on implementing future EASA-FCL requirements we decided to update our website design and add „EASA Logbook“ to our logbook name. Of course we will remain fully JAR-FCL compliant until EU-FCL comes into effect.

14.12.2010 – New Forum

06.12.2010 – Version 2.36

  • New feature: Airport fields support search by IATA, ICAO and airport name. (Add/edit flights)
  • New feature: Remember last used directory for backup.
  • New feature: Import-export wizard added. (Import-export)
  • New feature: Registration field support autocomplete function. (Add/edit flights)
  • New feature: Help and manual link added. (Help)
  • Improvement: Enhance filtering functionality for reports. (Printing)
  • Minor bug fixed: Error while database export to access.

01.04.2010 – Version 2.33

  • Minor bug fixed: “„Time of Aircraft Landing has to be before end of Block On Time“ error message fixed when entering block on time on day +1.
  • Minor bug fixed: Total times calculation on printouts not fully visible

19.03.2010 – Version 2.32

  • Minor calculation bug fixed: Flight time calculation incorrect if flight starts on day 1, continues over 24:00 and ends on day 2.

18.03.2010 – Version 2.31

  • Minor bug fixes

09.03.2010 – Version 2.30

  • Minor bug fixes

05.03.2010 – Version 2.29

  • Initial record includes possibility to record prior flight times in addition to prior block
  • Sums of columns will be recalculated based on chosen auto filter criteria
  • Call signs will be shown in UPPERCASE on all print outs
  • It is possible to enter flights with „0“ landings if the pilot function is not „Pilot in Command“ (PIC). This option is being used in multi pilot environments, where only the PIC is allowed to log landings.

05.02.2010 – Version 2.28

  • New features include logging of flight time in addition to block time
  • New startup logo has been included

December 2009

  • Additional import and export features to MS-Excel and MS-Access have been included

Summer 2009

  • Automatic night time calculation has been included